Torii Hunter Bravely Fought Through Leg Cramps to Bang His Wife

LeBron James’ unfortunate cramping during Game 1 of the NBA Finals is still a topic for shock jocks across the country. Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter was asked to weigh in on the issue by Jim Rome yesterday, and he elevated the conversation to a place it absolutely needed to go.

His answer:

“You know, I’ve been there before; that’s something that I do know —especially playing football in high school. After a football game you’re on the bus and you catch a cramp and you can’t move. But I can tell you this…I made love to my wife the other night and I caught a cramp in my hamstring and I actually put my leg out and kept performing — there’s no excuse.”

Those are the words of a champion right there. Was there any doubt Hunter, the consummate pro, was also a pro at consummation?

Now, it’s not my place to tell Hunter his bedroom business, but perhaps some less exotic positions are in order. As a Tigers fan, I can’t abide by him trying out the ALCS with wifey.

Someone is bound to get hurt and the team’s suffered enough injuries already, thank you very much.

[H/T: CBS Detroit]