Torrey Smith Put ‘Rookie Dinners’ On Blast After Jets 1st Rounder Garrett Wilson Got Duped

Torrey Smith Put ‘Rookie Dinners’ On Blast After Jets 1st Rounder Garrett Wilson Got Duped

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  • New York Jets 1st Round NFL Draft pick Garrett Wilson recently discovered the truth about rookie dinners in the NFL.
  • Former wide receiver and 2-time Super Bowl champion Torrey Smith later took to Twitter to put the league’s hazing ritual on blast.
  • The practice has been going on for years with team veterans forcing rookies to pay tens of thousands of dollars for outrageous steakhouse meals.

Former Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson was drafted 10th overall by the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL Draft. He seeks to make an immediate impact for the Jets who have only had two seasons above .500 since 2010.

Garrett Wilson went viral in recent days after appearing on the Pivot podcast with Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark, and Channing Crowder. He naively mentioned that he was excited for the rookies dinner, believing it would be a cool bonding experience with the team’s veterans.

Garrett evidently had no idea that a team’s ‘rookies dinner’ is really just a cheap ploy for the veterans to haze the new guys and force them into spending tens of thousands of dollars on a meal. A fortune spent on a meal that would be gone in the toilet 12 hours later. And former NFL wide receiver Torrey Smith put the practice of ‘rookie dinners’ on blast in the aftermath of that clip going viral.

Here’s the clip of Garrett Wilson realizing rookie dinners are NOT what he thought they were followed by Torrey Smith’s reaction below.

Torrey Smith Put ‘Rookie Dinners’ On Blast After Garrett Wilson Got Duped

Torrey Smith weighs on on the rookies dinner hazing ritual

Torrey Smith was drafted 58th overall in Round 2 back in 2011 by the Baltimore Ravens. So there wasn’t necessarily the pressure on him to spend the same money as a top First Round NFL Draft pick but it’s a hazing ritual and some NFL vets might not care if he has the money or not.

Here’s a picture of a rookie dinner bill from 2014… $17,747 with gratuity included:

Reactions to Torrey Smith’s tweet

Garrett Wilson is likely going to get hit with a massive bill regardless of the blowback against rookie dinners. It sucks but that’s almost certainly going to happen. Hopefully the veterans don’t make it too awful on him and he and his fellow rookies are able to find a way to enjoy the dinner…

If you’re curious, Torrey Smith has outlined the 4 reasons he doesn’t spend money as if it grows on trees. It’s a fascinating Twitter thread for NFL fans so check it out.