Tour de France Rider Punches Spectator Running Too Close To Him Square In The Face

During the eighth stage of the Tour de France on Saturday, crowd favorite Chris Froome took it upon himself to free up a little space on the race course. And by that, I mean he punched the spectator running alongside him like a madman right in the jaw as a means to say, “Hey buddy, I’m trying to ride my bike here!”

Here’s another look at Froome’s punch, which admittedly, landed a pretty nice blow considering that whole he-was-riding-a-bike-in-the-most-prestigious-bike-race-on-earth-at-the-time thing.

The rider, who ironically enough won the eighth stage after clearing the spectator from his path, took to Twiter to explain his actions.

Sounds pretty justified to me. The thirst for the yellow jersey is so real out here!

[h/t SB Nation]