Travis Kelce Freaks Out Chiefs Fans With Knee Injury At Practice, Immediately Twerks It Out

Travis Kelce Knee Injury Update Twerk Prank
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Travis Kelce has been in the headlines recently for his rumored relationship with Taylor Swift, but Chiefs fans could care less about his personal life after he did not play due to a knee injury in Week 1. The 33-year-old superstar tight end was not active for Kansas City’s season-opening loss to Detroit last weekend.

Kelce suffered a hyperextended knee during practice last Tuesday that required 45cc of blood to be drained from the area. It was a pretty gruesome incident in the moment and initial concerns were far worse than what it was. There was a moment in which the ACL was gone and Kelce was lost for the year.

Fortunately for the Chiefs and for their primary pass-catcher, that was not the case. The ailment was revealed to be relatively minor upon further testing.

Kelce just wasn’t able to get back on the field in time for Thursday Night Football. So he sat.

All corresponding updates have been positive. Kelce is set to play on Sunday, though potentially with a brace.

That plan almost came crumbling down during practice on Friday. It started with an almost scary moment. Almost.

Kelce reinjured his knee and was limping on the sideline. But it was fake. It was a prank.

Travis Kelce is okay!

After a few gimpy steps, Kelce twerked it out with a big smile on his face.

Chiefs fans did not find the prank funny. The panic was real.

Although Kelce is okay and was just having some fun, perhaps he shouldn’t be putting that juju out there? Why mess with the injury gods?

Nobody wants to see Kelce hurt, but if he goes down again this weekend, it’s because he put

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