Trevor Lawrence Has To Be On Cloud Nine After Latest Evan Engram Update

Evan Engram and Trevor Lawrence

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

The Jacksonville Jaguars went on a magnificent run in the final stretch of the season to win the AFC South and make the playoffs.

Now, the front office hopes to continue building around Trevor Lawrence.

With that in mind, it sounds like the team is aiming to retain the offense that brought so much success this last season.

According to Demetrius Harvey, Evan Engram claims, “the interest is there on both sides for me to come back.”

Although nothing is official, Trevor Lawrence has to be on cloud nine with this news. Engram had a career year this last season, putting up 73 receptions, 766 yards, and four touchdowns.

Retaining this offense is likely a key to success for Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars. Evan Engram seemingly returning and playing alongside Christian Kirk is ideal for Jacksonville.

Not to mention, Calvin Ridley will also be on the roster after the Jaguars made a big trade midway through the season. Clearly, Trevor Lawrence is going to have plenty of pass options next year.

With that said, we should expect Evan Engram to sign a contract with Jacksonville soon. Look for Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars to make some noise next season, as the AFC South is in complete disarray.