Leaked NFL Combine Video Shows Trey Adams Hilariously Saying He Wants A ‘Bigger D***’ While Answering Question

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A video of Washington standout Trey Adams answering a question at the NFL Combine was leaked on Twitter over the weekend. In the video, Adams is asked “if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?”

Adams took a second to think about his answer and then blurts out that he wants a “bigger dick.”

Pro Football Talk confirmed the video was legit and that someone on the combine staff probably leaked it.

Via Pro Football Talk

In a video that, per a league source, reflects a Q&A conducted by Combine staff and not by any specific team,

As the source explained it, teams usually don’t get the interviews conducted by Combine staff until next week. Teams assign Combine workers (usually, younger scouts), and someone working with the Combine let it out.

Former NFL exec and NFL media analyst Gil Brandt was not happy with the leak and is calling for the league to investigate.

Jim Nagy also echoed Brandt’s sentiment.

At the end of the day the video was hilarious and Adams is now a fan favorite for his combine answer.

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