Trolls Are Spamming ‘Westbrick’ On Russell Westbrook’s Instagram Page After He Said He Didn’t To Be Called That Anymore

Russell Westbrook

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  • Russell Westbrook told the media that he was tired of being name-shamed and vowed to put a stop to people calling him “Westbrick.
  • Less than a day after Westbrook’s comments, trolls have begun to mock Lakers guard by flooding his Instagram page with “Westbrick”.
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Russell Westbrook wants people to stop calling him “Westbrick” but it doesn’t seem like fans are going to listen to him.

On Monday night, Westbrook got into it with a fan who was yelling “Westbrick” at him.

After the game, Westbrook spoke to the media and detailed the harassment his family has been getting due to his poor play. Westbrook went on to say that he didn’t want his young son to hear people calling him “Westbrick” and that he was going to make sure to put a stop to it whenever he hears it.

Not long after his rant, trolls have begun spamming Westbrook’s Instagram page with “Westbrick” comments.

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