Tulsa Football Ran A Fake Punt On 4th-And-16 And What Happened Next Is Simply Inexplicable


  • There is no chance that Tulsa called this fake punt on 4th-and-16.
  • The punter must have taken the game into his own hands and failed miserably.
  • What ended up happening makes absolutely no sense.
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Tulsa football just ran one of the most bizarre fake punts of all-time. The call came at a significant distance away from the first down marker and what transpired does not make sense.

Tulsa began its season with a 1-4 record. Somehow, the Golden Hurricane rattled off wins in five of their next seven games to reach bowl eligibility.

As a result of their late-season run, they were invited to play Old Dominion in the Myrtle Beach Bowl. Playing on the teal turf of Coastal Carolina, with the Chanticleers’ branding all over the field, it got off to a crazy start.

Old Dominion’s Lamareon James took the opening kickoff back for six. It was electric.

However, from that point forward, everything went in favor of Tulsa. Except this bizarre fourth down.

After going ahead 23-10, the Hurricane found themselves with a 4th-and-16 from midfield. They could either punt or attempt a very improbable conversion.

They chose both, kind of.

Head coach Philip Montgomery sent his punt team out onto the field. Instead of booting it away, Tulsa proceeded to run a fake. It made no sense.

The punter caught the snap at his own 40-yard-line and needed to get to the opposing 30-yard-line, give or take. He needed to go 30 yards to move the chains.

He did not. Instead, he took off running to the right side and was tackled for a loss of one.


By the looks of it, it may have been a broken play. The punter bobbled the snap for a moment and then rolled out to his right, presumably to kick it rugby style. And then he took off running while the rest of his team left him to fend for himself.

But that still doesn’t make sense. He had plenty time to get the punt off. His entire team was downfield.

Did the punter call an audible and not tell anyone? This is why bowl season is the best.