Twitter/X Bans User Who Predicted Aaron Rodgers Injury Hours Before It Happened

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The Twitter/X user who predicted the Aaron Rodgers injury has been booted from the social media network.

On Monday night, the Jets QB suffered a devastating Achilles injury in the opening minutes of the game.

Hours before the Jets-Bills game, one fan on Twitter named DaddyZaslav accurately predicted Rodgers’ injury.

“Aaron Rodgers is going to tear his Achilles on a rain drenched MetLife turf in 2.5 hours,”

Not long after the tweet went viral, DaddyZaslav was mysteriously suspended from Twitter/x,

It’s currently unclear why the account was banned. Some users claim the account was vulgar, which led to the suspension.

Others believe he may have violated Twitter’s parody rules by impersonating Warner Bros exec David Zaslav.

Several websites, including the NY Post and Outkick, have reached out to Twitter/X regarding the suspension but have not received an answer.

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