Cincinnati Reds Used the Ol’ 2 Balls on the Field at Once Trick Against the Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians were trying to mount a late comeback against the Cincinnati Reds last night when they fell victim to one of the freakiest plays you’ll ever see.

With runners on the corners and no one out, Jan Gomes crushed a double down the right-field line. Things seemed to be happening for the Tribe. Then David Murphy got picked off third base for a very understandable reason: there was a second baseball on the field.

[mlbvideo id=”35102561″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

That is some nonsense.

It appears as if the second ball was either tossed by a fan or came from an errant throw in the bullpen. Either way, there wasn’t a lot the umpires could do with the situation. Much like Lost, whatever happened happened.

Murphy’s Wikipedia page suggests he never swears due to his Christian faith. This must have been the ultimate test of that devotion.

I’d have gone full George Carlin in that situation.