Two Bonehead CU Boulder Football Players Arrested For Fighting At A Bar While Celebrating Win Over Utah

Colorado stamping their ticket to the Pac 12 Championship game on Saturday after knocking off Utah was an exciting moment for Buff Nation. Such a big win certainly called for a celebration, right? Right! In the case of two players for the Buffs, Abdul Jaleel Awini and Christopher Hill, they took their post-game antics in Boulder to the next level, resulting in drug and assault charges AND a ban from the Pac 12 Championship game against Washington this upcoming weekend.

It’s a classic college shit show: Abdul Jaleel Awini was kicked out of a Boulder bar for being too drunk. He allegedly blamed getting 86ed from the bar by his teammate, Christopher Hill. The two then came to blows, resulting in police intervention from the bar. via The Denver Post:

Investigators say the ordeal began when Awini was was escorted out of The Walrus Saloon because of his “intoxication level.” A Boulder police filing says Awini was with Hill at the watering hole, and that he blamed Hill for being kicked out.

“I’m going to (expletive) you up,” Awini allegedly told Hill, according to the police report. “You got me kicked out.”

Hill then punched Awini in the chin, the police report says, citing a witness’ account of the fight. Awini appeared to be unconscious and landed squarely on the back of his head on the concrete sidewalk.

The witness said Hill then took off running before he was stopped by a Walrus employee and waited for police to arrive.

It gets better! When they took Awini to detox, they found drug baggies:

Police say they later found four more small Ziploc bags in the wallet which appeared to contain the same white powdery substance that was in the first bag.

Awini was taken to Boulder Community Health for treatment and when the wallet was brought up in a conversation with police, the report says Awini’s blood pressure and heart rate — which were being monitored by medical equipment — “almost immediately went up.”

Awini asked an officer what charges he was facing, telling an officer, “you know I got some (expletive) in my wallet,” the report says.

Being hooked up to a heart monitor in front of the cops and having it spike sounds like a sure sign you’re into some deep shit.

Awini is charged with suspected cocaine possession and Hill is charged with third-degree assault. Say goodbye to playing in the most exciting game of your college careers.