Tyreek Hill And Chris Jones Go At It On Twitter Over Dolphins-Chiefs Matchup

Tyreek Hill

Getty Image / Cliff Hawkins

Tyreek Hill recently had some choice words for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Miami Dolphins are set to face off against his former team in the 2023 season.

His trash talk led to a response from Chris Jones, with the two going back and forth on Twitter.

During a sit-down interview with 810 Sports, Tyreek Hill sent a very clear message to the Chiefs.

The Chiefs’ defensive tackle didn’t take that message lightly. He responded directly to Hill with a simple message of his own.

After that, Tyreek Hill hit his former teammate with another statement. Chris Jones couldn’t help but laugh.

However, the Chiefs’ defensive tackle may have hit the final nail in the coffin with his latest tweet regarding Hill.

We could be witnessing the beginning of a feud between Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones.

Even so, considering they’re former teammates, this could just be light-hearted banter.

Either way, it should make for an intriguing matchup between the Chiefs and Dolphins next season. It’ll be Hill’s first time back in Kansas City since the trade to Miami.

The date and time for the game are to be determined, as the NFL has not released the official schedule yet.

But, considering the trash talk is taking place in April, this is going to be a game to make on your calendars.