UCF’s Shaquem Griffin, Who Lost His Hand At The Age Of Four, Did 20 Bench Press Reps While Wearing Prosthetic Arm At The Combine

by 12 months ago

UFC All-American linebacker Shaquem Griffin was only 4-years old when doctors amputated his left hand due to a a congenital birth defect called
amniotic band syndrome.

Here is Shaquem’s mother recalling the day she was forced to take her son to the hospital after he threatened to cut of his hand because he couldn’t stand the pain the illness was causing him.

Via The Orlando Sentinel

He lived with constant, scorching pain every time his jelly-like fingers and hand touched anything. One night, his mother found Shaquem in the kitchen with a knife attempting to cut his fingers off.

“He was like, ‘It’s hurting me really bad, it hurts, it hurts. Just cut it off, cut it off,'” Tangie said. “I called the doctor the next morning.

Griffin is now 22-years-old and against all odds has been invited to this year’s NFL combine after a standout season at UCF. At the combine, the one-handed Griffin amazingly pumped out 20 bench press reps while wearing a prosthetic arm.

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