UCLA Robbed Of Posterizing Dunk After Refs Call Possibly The Worst Foul In Sports History

UCLA drum

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The Pac-12 Conference championship went down to the wire as the Arizona Wildcats took home the win over the UCLA Bruins.

However, many are still clamoring about a horrific foul call that came midway through the first half.

UCLA guard Amari Bailey went up and threw down one of the sickest posters you’ll see. It was a grown-man dunk that got fans everywhere hyped. But somehow, some way, the referees called it an offensive foul.

Take a gander for yourself.

In what world is that a foul on UCLA? Just a complete fumble by the referees of this game.

Like what was the ref looking at? Nothing about that play indicated a foul should even be called. But yet, here we are.

College basketball fans couldn’t believe their eyes either after the foul was called on UCLA.

I thought the NFL was bad.

There has to be some kind of punishment coming for the ref, right?

As Charles Barkley would say, “that’s just terrible.”

Luckily, UCLA will still be participating in the big dance. Maybe they can get some revenge during the tournament.