Sports Bettor Cashes In $2.6M Across Various Parlays With UCONN National Championship Win

A number of betting slips accompanied by cash.


One sports bettor cashed in in the best possible way following UCONN’s national championship win on Monday night. A gambler hit on a number of pre-tournament parlays after the Huskies took down San Diego State in the Finals.

These bets were placed in the middle of the college basketball season as each Connecticut wager was accompanied by an NFL pick. In all four cases, the final outcome resulted in a major payday.

This bettor was extremely confident in the Huskies, picking UCONN as his title pick in late January and early February. At the time, the program looked to be a legit championship contender as they jumped out to an 18-6 start to the season.

That start included non-conference wins over Alabama, Florida, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and Oregon, as well as Big East victories against the likes of Villanova and Creighton.

But while the Huskies looked legit, these bets might’ve been placed at the best possible time.

UCONN, while reeling off those incredible early season wins, was in the midst of a midseason lull at the time the bettor made the picks. The first bet was placed on January 28th, with the Huskies having lost six of their previous eight matchups.

Amid the struggles, the team’s national title odds sat at +3500. The next few tickets were placed between February 2nd and 4th, with no change to the championship chances.

Each of the four parlays included an NFL pick, three of which had the Chiefs beating or covering against the Eagles in the Super Bowl and one with the under on the NFC Championship Game total.

Each football pick cashed in, and Connecticut would win 16 of the 18 games played after that initial ticket was entered. The rest is history.

The four parlay tickets, all of which saw a $10K initial bet, combined to pay out over $2.6 million.

An incredible win for this bettor.