Dan Hurley Secured Free Wings And Hot Dogs For Life By Rejecting Lakers To Stay At UConn

UConn coach Dan Hurley

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Dan Hurley turned down a sizeable pay raise by deciding to stay at UConn instead of accepting an offer to become the head coach of the Lakers, but he may be able to make up some of the difference now that he’s landed free food for life at a couple of dining institutions in Connecticut.

It’s been less than a week since the basketball world was whipped into a frenzy after Adrian Wojnarowski reported the Los Angeles Lakers viewed Dan Hurley as the top candidate to replace Darvin Ham as the head coach of the franchise despite previous rumblings that suggested J.J. Redick was at the head of the pack.

That development was obviously a cause for concern among fans of the UConn Huskies, who were operating under the assumption the head coach of its men’s team was gearing up to pull off the threepeat next season after leading the squad to back-to-back championships.

On Monday, the Huskies faithful breathed a collective sigh of relief after Woj dropped another bomb and confirmed Hurley had turned down an offer that would’ve reportedly paid him $70 million over the course of six years (around $1.5 million more than he’s currently making at UConn on an annual basis).

Now, I’m not saying Hurley’s decision was influenced by a couple of offers he received from some famed restaurants in the Connecticut city of New Britain after the Lakers’ offer initially surfaced, but he’ll nonetheless be able to help himself to free wings and hot dogs for the rest of his life by turning Los Angeles down.

Last week, J. Timothy’s Taverne (which is known for the “dirty” wings that are fried and sauced before getting the same treatment a second time) said Hurley would be able to order its signature product for the remainder of his existence without paying a penny if he stuck with UConn—an offer it confirmed it will honor on Monday. 

Martin Rosol’s Meats—a New Britain butcher with a history stretching back close to a century—also decided to get in on the action by pledging to hook him up with free hot dogs and kielbasa until he breathes his last breath, so it’s safe to assume he’ll be very well fed now that he’s decided to stay in Storrs.

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