UConn Students Expelled For Excessively Celebrating March Madness Tourney Win

UConn Huskies celebrating March Madness tourney win

Getty Image / Mitchell Layton

The University of Connecticut found a way to win the Big Dance back in March. But it seems some students took celebrations a bit too far.

It’s been a couple of months since UConn hoisted the trophy, but new reports bring the Huskies back into the spotlight after their March Madness tourney win.

According to Sports Illustrated, several “students who were arrested for vandalizing the campus following the school’s victory in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament championship game have been expelled.”

Additionally, “16 students were hospitalized and 15 were initially arrested in connection to celebrations on the Storrs campus. A few more arrests took place in subsequent weeks. Those arrested were accused of smashing windows, damaging a police cruiser, flipping over a van and vandalizing light posts,” per SI.

Stephanie Reitz, a spokesperson for UConn, shared some details about the students involved in the March Madness celebration.

“The cases are in various stages. Although we can’t address individual students’ outcomes, we can say that some reviews have concluded with expulsions, while others remain either under investigation or are scheduled for hearings that have not yet occurred.”

The exact number of students who have been, or will be expelled is not known at this time. However, Reitz says that UConn “will announce the exact number of expulsions sometime during the summer, as the investigation is still ongoing.”

There always seems to be a small group of people who take things a bit too far in celebrations.

Keep an eye out for more updates, as the Huskies will reveal the exact number of expulsions relatively soon.