We Asked UFC President Dana White The Most Important Fight Question Ever — Who’d Win In A Brawl Between Beavis And Butthead?

As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, the UFC has relied on innovative advertising campaigns to reach younger audience.

To promote their upcoming PPV — UFC 200 on July 9th — UFC President Dana White connected with Adult Swim and creative genius Mike Judge (King Of The Hill, Beavis and Butthead) to help spread the word about the biggest rematch of the year, Daniel Cormier versus Jon Jones. Judge is a huge fan of UFC and jumped at the opportunity.

White was equally excited about the partnership and even answered a couple questions about his love of cartoons and the winner of a Beavis vs. Butthead UFC fight.

So the same people who watch Adult Swim are into UFC? 

Dana White: The Adult Swim fan base and very loyal and hardcore, much like ours. We’d never had a presence on this network that is so strong with this young demographic.

For over a year, I was watching Adult Swim and studying and learning all about each show. It was really fascinating and I learned a lot. I just kept going deeper and deeper into it and it was fascinating. They’ve got two million viewers and they’re totally engaged and committed.

Most importantly, AS is into funky and crazy new shit and they were so supportive of this entire idea.

Which Mike Judge characters would make the best UFC fighters?

Dana White: I’m not sure but I know which UFC fighters would make good Mike Judge characters — Cowboy Cerrone and Nick and Nate Diaz.

Beavis vs. Butthead in the Octagon. Who wins? 

Dana White: Butthead is the smarter of the two but Beavis would win because he’s tougher. He is always getting beaten up – he’s constantly getting kicked and slapped. Butthead is a bully.