UFC Ring Girl Carly Baker’s String Bikini Pics Go Viral: ‘Last Summer Days’

Carly Baker

Josh Hedges/Getty Images

Carly Baker is proving that even the sun might get a bit jealous of her shine.

The 36-year-old UFC sensation from the UK is giving summer a run for its money with her recent viral bikini pics.

With a follower count that’s skyrocketing faster than a fighter going for a knockout punch, Carly Baker has shown the world that she’s not just a ring girl – she’s a whole solar system of charisma.

With over 260,000 followers, she could probably start her own country of fans at this point.

Carly took to Instagram to post mirror selfie, while rocking a string bikini. She captioned the post: “Last Summer Days ☀️”

Now, if you thought that was enough, think again. Carly also shared some jaw-dropping bikini shots from Spain.

Carly Baker is making the most out of her last days of summer.