UFC Champ Alex Pereira Shares Intense Workout Videos Ahead Of UFC 287 Fight Vs Israel Adesanya

Alex Pereira running around the Octagon

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We’re two weeks out from UFC 287 in Miami, and Alex Pereira is beginning to ramp up his training.

Pereira’s coach and trainer, Glover Teixeira, told MMA Junkie that they’ve been working on helping Pereira fix some of the mistakes he made in the first fight against Adesanya.

Via MMA Junkie

“He knows the way we won the last fight – he waited too much to pull the trigger, “He just needs to be more alert in this fight, because Izzy, he’s fast. He moves a lot, and that’s what we’ve been working on. Be alert, be focused and when the opportunity comes, just take the fight to finish. He is a finisher. He can finish a fight at any given second.

“He’s a powerhouse. The guy hits so hard, and he’s just got to pressure more and get it done, like he did in the fifth round. Of course, he knows not to just go crazy and try to finish the fight in the first round. But be more alert.”

Throughout camp, Pereira has been sharing his workout routine on social media.

On Sunday, Pereira posted a video of his intense camp training at Teixeira’s gym in Connecticut.

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