UFC Champ Henry Cejudo Shoots His Shot At John Cena’s Ex Nikki Bella And Scores A Date

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UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo is having a pretty good week.

Om Saturday night, Cejudo absolutely destroyed TJ Dillashaw in 32 seconds at UFC Brooklyn.

While speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on Monday, Cejudo told the story of how he bumped into John Cena’s ex Nikki Bella on a flight prior to the fight. The champ went on to talk about how big a crush he has on Bella and asked Helwani if he would pass along the message.

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“Nikki Bella’s been like my biggest crush,”. “I can tell you, she’s been like my biggest crush.” Cejudo went on to explain that he actually ran into Nikki and her twin sister Brie, 35, while on a first class flight where they were seated next to each other. “I was like, ‘How am I going to approach this? How am I going to approach this?’” Cejudo joked.

Nikki saw Cejudo’s interview with Helwani and she seemed flattered by the UFC champ’s revelation because she asked if he could give her private MMA lessons.

“What up, Henry, so I just saw your interview on Ariel’s podcast and wow, thank you very much,” “I want to say first of all congrats on your really big win I would like to think that you know, maybe, possibly I was a good-luck charm, you know, meeting you on the flight.”

“And I’m hoping maybe one day in Arizona you can train me before I get back into that ring because I think you have a few moves that you could show me that could really take it to the women.”

“Hey, I mean I know you’re cutting weight and all but maybe one day we could grab a drink,

Cejudo was pretty stoked by Nikki’s response and was more than happy to accept her offer.

2019 is off to a damn good start for Henry Cejudo.

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