UFC Host Laura Sanko’s Beach Bathing Suit Photo Goes Viral

Laura Sanko behind the scenes at UFC event

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Former MMA fighter turned UFC host Laura Sanko is enjoying some beach time this weekend.

Sanko, who retired from fighting to become a host/announcer, has spoken in the past about her decision to transition from fighting to stand behind the mic at UFC events.

Via Inside Fighting

“I didn’t come into this role because I had a broadcasting background, I had a fight background, which I think probably tells you a lot about my mindset and my drive, so that translates over to what I’m doing now,”

“I think we all want to leave some sort of legacy behind us and so for me, not continuing my fighting career, I had a very short fighting career, this is my way of being able to leave my little fingerprint on the sport forever,” she said. “It means the world to me to be able to do that because records can be broken but there’s only one first.”

Sanko, who worked last week’s UFC Kansas City card, is currently taking a much needed break and posted a selfie while at the beach with the caption “My quarterly thirst trap so the IG algorithm will pick me up again 😂.”

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