UFC’s Joaquin Buckley Is Still Working At Walgreens Despite Viral KO And Big Fight Bonuses

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UFC’s Joaquin Buckley has quickly become a rising star in MMA but he’s making sure the fame doesn’t get to his head.

Earlier this year Buckley became an overnight star when his spinning kick KO at UFC on ESPN 37 became a viral hit.

On Saturday, Buckley collected his second %50,000 knockout bonus this year after he knocked out Jordan Wright at UFC 255,

Despite the influx of money and fame, Buckley told TMZ that he continues to hold down his full-time job at Walgreens until he’s able to get his own apparel business off the ground.

Via TMZ Sports

“Besides the UFC, and they give me these big checks, I still don’t have a business of my own, so I need to just keep working and still having that working mentality and work ethic, so I’m just gonna keep holding down the job,” Buckley told TMZ. “Now if I’m able to make a business for myself and start up a business for myself, which I think is a perfect opportunity to try and start right now.

“We are starting up a clothing apparel line, a solid foundation, so a lot of people can follow that on Instagram, @solidfoundation_shop. But besides that, we’re still gonna work at our Walgreens. Until my business is off the ground, we’re still gonna be working with Walgreens.”

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