‘Undisputed’ Switching Things Up With New Format After Signing 3 Former NFL Players

Undisputed star Skip Bayless

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After already signing Richard Sherman to join Skip Bayless on Undisputed, Fox Sports 1 has signed two more former NFL players for the popular debate show.

Now, with four people sitting at the desk discussing topics, the format of the show is reportedly going to change.

According to John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, the panel on Undisputed will feature Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin.

At first, Irvin wasn’t going to be on board, as Ourand originally claimed that “while there have been significant conversations with Michael Irvin to join, it’s unlikely he will have a role.”

But now, several days after the initial report, Irvin will be joining the Undisputed crew.

Usually, the show consisted of two people, as Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debated hot topics around the sports world for years. That was kind of the staple of sports television in general for a while.

But with Sharpe out of the picture, FS1 is making some big changes to its strategy.

FS1 is pushing for more of its shows to feature three to four analysts at one time. In fact, some shows are already using this new method. So now, Undisputed is set to switch over to the new format taking over at FS1.

Sure, debating is still prevalent. However, with more people discussing topics, there’s an opportunity for agreement.

Charlie Dixon, executive vice president of content for FS1 believes this is a necessary change for sports television, per Sports Business Journal.

“It’s not like the debate part of sports television is going away because debate is intrinsic in sports conversations. I just feel like with the audience, and where America is as a consumer right now, there’s enough strife going on in everybody’s day-to-day that doesn’t have to just be debate.”

With a team consisting of Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin, the entertainment value should remain relatively high.

Especially considering how each analyst brings something different to the table.

Undisputed will be debuting its new format with four analysts when it returns on August 28.