University Of Texas’ New Stadium Renovation Looks Like A Uterus (UTerus?) And The Internet Has Jokes

University Of Texas New Stadium Renovation Looks Like A Uterus

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Much like many major college football programs, the University of Texas is looking to upgrade their stadium in order to compete in today’s high-dollar world of collegiate sports.

As such, Texas has decided to give Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium a little facelift by adding what is being called the “Longhorn Patio” in the south end zone portion of the facility.

It’s called the “Longhorn Patio” because it is being made in the shape of the iconic hook ’em horns logo the university and its fans hold so dear.

Unfortunately… while it does look like good ole Bevo, there is one small problem: by leaving the bottom of the logo open they have in reality created what appears to be a uterus.


Yep. That’s the female reproductive system alright.

In news that should surprise no one who has ever been on the internet, people on social media took notice… and proceeeded to make many, many jokes.

If the University of Texas insists on keeping the “Longhorn Patio” in its current design there is NO WAY that students will not be calling it “The UTerus.” In fact, there are probably already t-shirts being printed as we speak. God, I miss college.