This Hilarious Video Points Out How Ridiculous The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball Are By Applying Them To Real Life

“What if baseball’s “unwritten rules” were here to ruin your regular life?” Well, this video from Above Average’s The Kicker answers that in comedic fashion.

1. I didn’t really understand the first unwritten rule.

That said, I support instant replay. It’s not ruining the game, it’s the umpires reviewing the instant replay that are ruining the game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard three broadcasters all agree that a call should go one way without a doubt only to have the umps call it the other way. Now that I think about it, I would love to see an Umpires Vs. Cops debate series.

2. Celebrating a big accomplishment gets a fastball to the face.

The fork flip followed by the steak to the grill. Could’ve used some more gloating out of guy. Plus, the steak should be thrown at his next dinner setting.

3. When your rival hits a home run, always throw it back.

First off, love the faux-UPS guy saying, “Good for you”. Second, this is a no-brainer when your team’s playing at home, but I saw a game the other day where a visiting team’s fan caught the home team’s home run and was having a moral dilemma about throwing it back. That’s a tough one. Say the visiting team’s fan throws it back, he’s getting booed mercilessly and most likely harassed the rest of the game. Not just by drunk jerks but also by guilting parents who just wanted their little kid to have a baseball in their first trip to the stadium. But, hey, that’s a teaching moment about the unwritten rules.

4. Never mention the perfect game.

I love this one because, at some point, the pitcher knows that his teammates know that the pitcher knows he’s got a perfect game in the works. But, the big question is WHEN that goes into effect. Like, if you’re perfect through three innings, people are still talking to you. Four? Prob. Five must be the point of perfect game silence.

5. Vendettas never die.

Nobody holds a grudge harder than a baseball player or coach. As a grudge-holder myself, I can’t hate on it. The number of vendettas I have is astonishing. I won’t live to see it all through and might have to recruit my eventual kids.


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