Usain Bolt Wants To Play Professional Soccer By 2018, Says ‘A Lot Of Clubs Have Reached Out’

Imagine a soccer team having the weapon of a Usain Bolt? Having the blistering fast eight-time Olympic gold medalist sprint down the pitch would be incredible to watch. The world-class Jamaican athlete has said that he wants to play professional soccer by 2018 and teams are seriously interested in his potential thanks to his blazing speed.

“Yes, I would love to play football now I’ve retired from track and field,” Bolt told FIFA. “I’ve been talking about it in interviews and a lot of clubs have reached out. Unfortunately, I got a bad hamstring injury in August and haven’t been able to do any training since then. Hopefully, I will be able to play some games in 2018.”

Bolt claimed that his coaches in Jamaica discouraged him from playing in football while he was training for track and field, but after he retired earlier this year he got the chance to practice with German juggernaut Borussia Dortmund.

As to which team Bolt would most like to play for, it is easily Manchester United, his favorite football squad.

Bolt revealed who he thought was the greatest soccer player right now. “I would go for Ronaldo. All three are amazing players but in the last year Cristiano won La Liga, the Champions League again and finished top scorer for the fifth season,” the Olympic legend said. “His ability to stay at the top year after year is very impressive.”

While he recovers from a hamstring injury, the 31-year-old star will attempt to rehab and try to play professional soccer in 2018. This would be amazing to see if his speed could make up for his lack of soccer experience.