USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Claims He Hasn’t Decided On 2024 Draft

Caleb Williams

Harry How/Getty Image

USC quarterback Caleb Williams has revealed that he has not yet made a decision regarding his participation in the highly anticipated 2024 NFL draft.

Despite being widely touted as the potential No. 1 pick, Williams emphasized that the final call will be made at the appropriate time, which is in January, as he navigates his crucial third college season.

Williams acknowledged his commitment to thoroughly evaluate his options before making such a pivotal decision.

“That’s for sure now going to be an in-the-moment decision at the end of the year,” Williams stated in an interview with ESPN. “It’s my third year, and the dream and goal was to go three-and-out. Being around these guys and in college and enjoying it, we’ll have to see at the end of this year.”

While the likelihood of Williams returning for another college season appears slim, his public contemplation of the decision sends a clear message that he’s taking an active role in shaping his future. The prospect of turning down potentially lucrative offers from the NFL demonstrates his desire to ensure that his next step aligns with his personal aspirations and preferences.

One intriguing scenario that emerges from Williams’ undecided stance is the potential for unforeseen developments.

If the team securing the coveted first overall pick in 2024 isn’t a match with Williams’ preferences, it could spark a series of interesting negotiations and decisions in the lead-up to the draft.

The Cardinals are currently the favorites to pick 1st overall in 2024.