USFL Team Is Now Publicly Beefing With Player Who Got Cut After Trying To Order Pizza Instead Of Chicken Salad

Pittsburgh Maulers

  • During an episode of the USFL’s behind the special ‘United By Football,’ running back De’Veon Smith was shown getting cut by the Pittsburgh Maulers over a situation that involved him requesting a pizza instead of a chicken salad from a cafeteria worker.
  • The Maulers have since issued a statement claiming Smith had received several warnings for breaking multiple team rules.
  • Smith fired back by insisting that the team is lying.
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The USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers have gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

On Monday, a video went viral showing De’Veon Smith getting cut by the Maulers in the USFL over a situation regarding pizza.

According to Smith, he requested pizza from a cafeteria worker instead of the chicken salad that was being served to him. The cafeteria worker told him he couldn’t have pizza and asked if that would be a problem, and Smith claims that he said “yes” and walked away.

Maulers head coach Kirby Wilson felt that Smith was disrespecting the cafeteria worker and immediately cut Smith without hearing Smith’s side of the story.

Here’s how the interaction between coach Wilson and Smith went down.

The Maulers have since released a statement claiming Smith had broken several rules in a 24-hour span, including disrespecting the cafeteria worker.

Smith took to Twitter to say the team is lying.