Utah State Goalie Allows Game-Winning Goal Because He’s Too Busy Chatting With Fans

Knotted up with 15 seconds remaining in overtime, Denver University won a faceoff and fired the puck toward Utah State's net, where Aggies goaltender Keegan McHenry should have been playing.

Instead, he was talking to some fans. That can't be right. 

/Checks again

Yep, he really was gabbing with some people in lieu of paying attention. 

His desperate dive was too late, allowing the game-winning goal to score.

To make an already-bad situation worse, Utah State was on a powerplay at the time. 

Look forward to McHenry getting the Goldberg treatment next game. It truly is the only way to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. 

[H/T: Puck Daddy]