Vanderbilt Football Created A Fake Sorority Recruitment Video And It’s Spot On

The Vanderbilt University Commodores Football Team are *maybe* running Spring practices at this point. It’s not fully clear what exactly it is that the Commodores do which causes them to be the red-headed step child of SEC Football every year. I suppose, based on this footage above of the Vanderbilt Football team spoofing a sorority recruitment video, we know have an idea of what they do in their downtime. While the rest of the teams in the conference are training their asses off the Vandy Commodores Football team are blowing kisses to the camera…as a joke.

All things considered, I do think that sorority recruitment spoof is an upgrade from the days of football teams putting out songs like this:

Surely this was all intended to be a hilarious spoof and taken as a joke. But I have to wonder if someone with a sense of self-awareness about the state of Vandy’s football team should’ve stepped in and said ‘hey, guys, maybe we should just release some footage of us in the gym instead?’

The video itself was posted by Vanderbilt TE Sam Dobbs, and all jokes aside, you have to respect the willingness of these bros to make jokes about themselves. According to SEC Country, this video was likely made as part of a team competition for the 2017 2017 Black & Gold Banquet.

[protected-iframe id=”fb8b6dc64176944fea60d3143784ff66-97886205-61771510″ info=”” ]

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