Vanessa Bryant Reacts To Kobe Bryant’s Hall Of Fame Induction ‘It’s Definitely The Peak Of His NBA Career’

Just a little two months after his death, Kobe Bryant has been inducted into the basketball hall of fame with other greats Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.

After the hall of fame, induction was made official Kobe’s widow Vanessa Bryant spoke to ESPN about the accomplishment, calling it the “peak” of Kobe’s NBA career.

It’s an incredible accomplishment and honor, and we’re extremely proud of him. Obviously, we wish he was here with us to celebrate, but it’s definitely the peak of his NBA career and every accomplishment that he had as an athlete was a stepping stone to be here.”

“All of us can trust that this basketball Hall of Fame honor is one Kobe would, and will, deeply appreciate.”

The Lakers also released a press release to honor Kobe after his induction.

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