Vernon Davis Dubs George Kittle The Best Tight End In The NFL, Names His Mount Rushmore Of All-Time Tight Ends

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There’s been a lot of debate in the last year or so about who is the best tight end in the NFL, and former Super Bowl champ Vernon Davis thinks there’s one player who clearly fits the bill.

We sat down with Davis, who is hosting the USA Today High School Sports Awards on July 31th at 8pm EST , about who he thinks the best tight end in the game is.

According to Davis, George Kittle is clearly the best tight end in the game because he can do it all.

“His ability to be able to do everything. He can block, he can catch the ball in open space and make people miss. He can stretch the field, he has great hands, great vision. He can just do it all. He’s everything you want in a tight end, and he showed that over the last few years. He’s very good.”

Davis also gave us his list of greatest tight ends of all-time.

Tony Gonzalez
Antonio Gates
Jason Witten
Rob Gronkowski

Davis will be hosting the USA Today High School Sports Awards show alongside Rob Gronkowski, who is on his Mount Rushmore of tight ends.

“It’s a great opportunity for myself and Rob Gronkowski to be a part of this because of our background. Sports is just how we started out in high school. So being a part of this is really close to our heart because we’ve been through it. We have the experience, but we didn’t have experience of A big kind of platform like this one right here. This is a wonderful platform. So many high school athletes and it’s going to be great to be able to have them recognized for some of the outstanding things they’ve been able to do.”

The 2022 USA Today High School Awards show will premiere Sunday, July 31. at 8 p.m. EST and will air on the USA Today High School Sports Awards website, YouTube, and the USA Today channel available on most smart televisions and devices.

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