Video Shows Patrick Mahomes Immediately Running To Hug Josh Allen After Bills’ Brutal Playoff Loss

Josh Allen

Patrick Mahomes made sure to stop everything he was doing to comfort Josh Allen after the Bills’ brutal loss in the playoffs.

On Sunday, the Chiefs eliminated the Bills in the playoffs with an incredible walk-off TD in overtime. Immediately after scoring the TD, a video shows Mahomes running straight towards Allen to give him a hug instead of celebrating with his teammates.

During his postgame interview, Mahomes showed respect to Allen for playing his ass off.

“Yeah it was a heck of a game, I mean, 17 — Josh [Allen] played his a** off,” Mahomes began. “It was a great game between two great football teams, and at the end of the day, guys like Tyreek [Hill] and Travis [Kelce] made the plays that won us the game.”