Watch This Guy Slowly Die Inside As His $20 Parlay That Would’ve Paid Out $100K Fails To Hit

Watch This Guy Slowly Die Inside As His $20 Parlay That Would've Paid Out $100K Fails To Hit

iStockphoto / Seth Love

  • A sports bettor didn’t cash out $39K on a $20, 13-leg parlay that was one Arizona (-2) win away from paying out $100,000 and he walked away with nothing
  • A camera crew met this guy at a bar and filmed reactions throughout MNF as he slowly watched his chance at winning big money disappeared
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Parlays are, in my humble opinion, the most fun form of sports betting. With the compounding odds you have a chance to win BIG. This guy was one Arizona Cardinals (-2) win on Monday Night Football away from turning $20 into $100,000. Instead, he walked away with nothing.

The 13-leg parlay was all NFL games and he was 12-for-12 going into Monday Night Football. It was a $20 wager that was going to pay out $101,823.63 at +496600 odds.

This gambler was looking at a once-in-a-lifetime chance at parlay glory. And @br_betting actually sent someone to a bar to watch Monday Night Football with this guy and there are multiple videos where you can witness him slowly die inside but then handle it like a champ. Let’s start from the beginning, with a picture of the ticket. Then the videos are in chronological order (from yesterday).

Gambler Doesn’t Cash Out $20 Parlay For $39K And Loses Everything

He’s not cashing out!

The Arizona Cardinals went up 3-0 and the ‘cash out’ option went up to $39,000. On a $20 ticket. He didn’t cash out. He never did.

The ‘cash out’ option dropped down to $29K and would continue to fall….

Tied at halftime. He had to feel good but nervous as all heck.

Aaaaaaand the ‘cash out’ option dropped to $15K.

Take the money. I’m begging you.

At this point, it actually looked like the Cardinals come pull back and win the game.

Some final words from the dude who walked away from $39,000 on a $20 ticket and went home with nothing. He had a great night.

I’m certain that was a night he’ll remember forever. Every fisherman remembers the one that got away. I’ll never forget the white marlin I lost off Lighthouse Point during a fishing tourney in South Florida. And this guy will never forget the $101,000 that he didn’t win because Arizona stumbled.

Most of the reactions on Twitter were in line with what you’d expect. It’s a mixture of people calling him a clown for not taking smart money when he could, some people saying that cashing out would’ve still made him a legend, and others just laughing at the situation altogether.

I’d be HURTING today if I woke up and didn’t cash out. It’s not that $39,000 would change my life forever but that’s still A LOT of money when the ticket only cost $20.

You could be a horrendous gambler and that would probably bankroll you for the rest of your life, assuming you didn’t start betting $5K at a time. Instead, you’re back to placing $20 bets with odds so astronomical it’s just tossing money away.