Justin Jefferson Embarrassed The Bears Last Night While Playing The Eagles

Justin Jefferson

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

In a game that have not gone the Minnesota Vikings’ way last night, star wide receiver Justin Jefferson certainly left his mark on the record books.

At the age of just 24, Jefferson achieved an impressive milestone by surpassing the 5,000 career-yard mark, a feat that took him only 52 games to accomplish, tying for the fewest in NFL history.

However, it was another achievement brought joy to Vikings fans while simultaneously annoyed division rival Chicago Bears fans.

Before last night’s game, Jefferson needed a mere 85 additional receiving yards to eclipse the career total of any Bears player in the franchise’s long history.

The current leader in career receiving yards for the Bears is Johnny Morris, who amassed 5,059 yards during his decade-long tenure with the team.

Jefferson, who began the night with 4,975 career receiving yards, made a significant leap forward by adding 150 yards in Week 1 against the Buccaneers. Then, on Thursday Night Football against the Eagles, he further solidified his claim to NFL stardom by hauling in 11 catches for an additional 159 yards.

This remarkable achievement meant that Jefferson needed only 52 career games to surpass the Bears franchise career leader in receiving yards—a franchise that has stood for over a century, since its inception in 1920.

The stark contrast between Jefferson’s rapid ascent and the Bears’ historical record in this category serves as a testament to the young wide receiver’s exceptional talent and the enduring frustration for Bears fans, who have watched their team struggle to produce a receiver with the same level of impact for over 100 years.