A Sports Bettor Cashed Out A $71K Ticket Early And It’s Now Painfully Close To Hitting

A roll of money sits on top of a betting ticket.


One sports bettor is feeling regret this playoff season as he watches the Denver Nuggets make their way to the NBA Finals. The gambler placed a three-leg parlay back in football season which is now close to hitting.

That slip predicted the Kansas City Chiefs, UCONN Huskies, and Nuggets to all win their respective championships. There’s just one problem. The ticket was cashed out early.

Much too early some would say.

The bettor, who’s original wager was $25, chose to take the money and run after correctly predicting the Super Bowl winner. With those Kansas City odds sitting around 4/1, though, the win landed only a $122 payout.

Fast forward to May and the longest leg of the parlay has now hit with UCONN taking home a national title in the Big Dance. Those 26/1 chances would’ve certainly increased that potential payout.

Making things worse, the Nuggets now find themselves four wins away from a championship. While Denver had 19/1 odds at the time the bet was placed, they’ve now become the NBA favorite.

Combined, the wager boasted +286100 odds, leaving that original $25 bet to be worth a little over $71K had the bettor seen the parlay through.

Sports betting sites are now posting reactions to seeing the unfortunate cash out.

Others quickly joined in.

This is the definition of pain.

Even if the Nuggets don’t go on to win the NBA title, the cash out options at this point would’ve at least been in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Instead, the bettor walks away with $100, but hey, a win is a win I suppose.

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