Hockey Shootout Features A Javelin Toss Trick Shot That Will Have You Cleaning Up Bits Of Your Own Brain

Canadian “stick-handling specialist” Pavel Barber found this Instagram video of Hockey Club Ak Bars Kazan forward Vladimir Tkachyov pull off an absurd trick shot during a shootout in an exhibition KHL game.

The javelin toss shot will no doubt end up being responsible for the disfigurement and decapitations of millions of children trying to re-create this in their driveway. RIP kids.

Someone needs to take a look at his stick for sticky substances. No shot that’s happening without some outside assistance. Actually, you know what, it’s Russia, so the government probably helped Vladdy dupe us all into believing in miracles. Russia’s been on the wrong end of miracles for so long (1980 Olympics, 2014 Olympics), it’s about time they had one of their own, even if it isn’t against the US of A. Putin’s cool with Olympians doping and now he’s got his pro hockey teams upping the fun factor with illegal track-and-field maneuvers.

The Kontinental Hockey League is now the WWE. Scripting ridiculous antics. Turning me into a pile of shivering goop. I’m like Mulder from X-Files. I want to believe. I was also born a Mets fan, so I gotta believe. It’s in my DNA and it’s frickin’ curse.

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I wouldn’t put it past the NHL to let this type of shot slide to see if it’ll bring in a new audience. Hockey’s down for whatever. Let’s get nuts, hockey. Let’s throw some live polar bears on the rink.

Via Deadspin

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