Volleyball Star Kayla Simmons Wears Stunning Outfit On Instagram

Kayla Simmons volleyball player

Former volleyball star Kayla Simmons, who played 4 years for Marshall University’s volleyball team, has made the transition to becoming a successful Instagram model.

Kayla Simmons currently has 900k followers on Instagram and is making a ton of money off her premium subscription site.

Simmons has spoken about her success on social media.

Via Mundo Deportivo

“I work with many different companies to help promote their brands on Instagram audience,” Simmons stated. “I communicate with each individual company to helps identify what woulds work best in order to promote their unique product in the most efficient way.”

On Friday, Simmons shared a stunning photo on Instagram that instantly went viral.

It’s not hard to see why Kayla is so popular on Instagram/TikTok.

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