Ex-Volleyball Star Kayla Simmons Goes Viral After Wearing Short Jeans Skirt On Her Bed


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Former volleyball star Kayla Simmons, known for her athletic prowess and stunning social media presence, has once again set the internet abuzz.

With a combined follower count of over 6.6 million on TikTok and Instagram, Simmons has captivated the online world with her recent posts showcasing her vacation in Greece.

After a sun-soaked getaway to the idyllic islands of Santorini and Mykonos, Simmons returned to Los Angeles and promptly shared a series of captivating snapshots on her Instagram account.

The most recent post, featuring Simmons on her bed, clad in a revealing orange top and a short jeans skirt. Accompanied by the caption “happy girl 🦁,”


Having initially risen to prominence as a volleyball star during her time at Marshall University, Simmons has seamlessly transitioned into the world of social media, where she has solidified her status as a sought-after influencer.

Simmons’ recent viral moments have kept her in the spotlight. Her bold and fearless attitude was on full display when she flashed her top in Santorini.

Additionally, her sun-soaked escapades on Mykonos included a daring photoshoot where she basked in the sun, wearing a vibrant red bikini that left little to the imagination.

It seems that every step Simmons takes becomes a headline. From bouncing on the sandy shores of various beaches while grooving to a Taylor Swift hit, to risking a potential wardrobe malfunction in a striking Pam Anderson-inspired red bathing suit, Simmons continues to push boundaries and command attention.

As the summer of 2023 unfolds, it’s evident that Kayla Simmons’ whirlwind of captivating content and audacious fashion choices shows no sign of slowing down.