Volleyball Star Turned Model Kayla Simmons Causes A Stir With Latest Instagram Video

Kayla Simmons volleyball court

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Former volleyball star turned model Kayla Simmons is turning heads on social media.

Simmons, who played for volleyball for four years at Marshall, has become a full-time model and has amassed over 900k followers on Instagram but the transition wasn’t easy.

According to Simmons, when she was at Marshall the school forced her to close her Instagram account because they feel

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“College athletics was a great experience for me, but it also taught me some valuable lessons,” said Simmons

“I was told by my school administrators that the pictures I post are inappropriate because of my body, I was even asked to delete my Instagram at one point.

“I was torn because I felt I couldn’t embrace my body and play the sport I love. I’ve since learned that you can’t let other people affect how you feel about yourself. I am who I am, & it’s okay to be confident!”

“It was kind of shocking I guess cause I was following all the rules of a student-athlete at Marshall,” Simmons said. “They really just made me feel ashamed I guess, of my body. I felt like I had to choose if I wanted to be an athlete or feeling confident and being able to feel beautiful.”

Now that she’s left Marshall Simmons has felt free to do whatever she wants on social media.

On Sunday, Simmons’ latest Instagram post caused a bit of stir and went viral on the app.

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