Von Miller Brutally And Hilariously Trolls Cam Newton And The Panthers On Instagram

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miler tortured the living hell out the Panthers and Cam Newton on the field and then put the final nail in the coffin, taking to Instagram after the 24-10 win, just in case they didn’t already feel shitty enough.

Do you recall that time when members of the Panthers celebrated and dabbed on the sideline when they game wasn’t even over yet? Yeah, that didn’t fly too well with many people, and now they all have crying Michael Jordan heads.


Everywhere you look this morning on TV and every single social media platform is Cam Newton’s bitchy face, so — for once — it’s actually rather refreshing to see crying Michael Jordan heads which felt like a meme that was ready to die. Though suddenly, with one simple post on Instagram, it’s alive and quite well.