The Baddest Man In The NFL, Von Miller, Hilariously Sacks Verne Troyer In A Game Of NBA2k15

One stands 2’8″, while the other is 6’3″. One has an MTV Movie Award, the other just scooped the Super Bowl MVP after winning the big game with his Denver Broncos. And one is known as Mini Me while the other refers to himself as MillerLite40 on Instagram.

They may seem like complete opposites, but Verne Troyer and Von Miller spent a day together to talk shit and see who was the master of the video game hardwood, squaring off in an epic game of NBA2K15.

Among the various topics the two talked about were Von Miller’s farting habits, an Asian lady eating six pounds of Ramen noodles and comparing tattoos. All in all, I’d say a productive day for both guys.

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