Gun-Seller Walmart Won’t Sell Ronda Rousey’s New Book Because She’s Too Violent

The next time you’re in Walmart, the largest seller of guns and ammo in America, picking up a new high-caliber rifle, don’t go looking for Ronda Rousey’s new book because it won’t be there.

That’s because Walmart, of all places, thinks Ronda Rousey is too violent and so they are reportedly refusing to sell her book “My Fight/Your Fight” (out May 12th).

The book already has thousands of pre-orders at Barnes & Noble and you can purchase it on Walmart’s Web site along with DVDs that also feature Rousey, just not in the store itself. But do feel free to grab some ammo while you’re there instead.

“I’m shocked, shocked to discover that censorship is going on in America!” exclaimed publisher Judith Regan to Page Six.

Rousey, who MANY people got a first good look at over the weekend in Furious 7, is scheduled to visit both Good Morning America and CBS This Morning as a part of her book’s promotional tour.

She’ll also be appearing in the forthcoming Entourage movie which comes out on June 5th. In other words, the current UFC Women’s Champion is going to be everywhere real, real soon.

My guess is that Walmart will eventually see their mistake here and even if they don’t I’m betting Ronda Rousey will do just fine without their help.

That or she can just do this to Walmart’s COO as well to get what she wants…

H/T MMA Fighting