Warrior Lacrosse Made Lacrosse Fans Look Like Sexist Idiots By Tweeting Bad Jokes About Title IX


Warrior Lacrosse put the sport that it makes equipment for back a couple of years last night. The brouhaha started when Warrior, who makes lacrosse, soccer and hockey gear, tweeted the following on Thursday night, sparking instant outrage from sports Twitter:




ESPN was airing a World Cup of Softball game between the women’s teams from the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, ESPN2 aired a World Lacrosse Championship game between U.S. and Canada.

The douchey swing-and-a-miss at Title IX instantly pissed off the Twitter masses:


The rage furthered when people discovered Warrior doesn’t make women’s gear.




What an embarrassment to the sport of lacrosse. People already think the sport is filled with rich, elitist neanderthals. Sexist stuff like this certainly doesn’t help. For every giant leap the sport takes forward, it always manages to take a few brutal steps back to the public at large, especially when one of the sport’s largest equipment manufacturers says something this dumb on Twitter.

Today, I’m sure multiple people at Warrior — which is owned by New Balance — is either (A. without a job or (B. getting their ass handed to them. No matter how dope your dangle skills are or how golden your head of lettuce is, braah, corporate America doesn’t like controversy, especially when it’s sexist in nature.

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