Golden State Warriors Dynasty Could Take Another Hit With Loss Of Its Architect

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The Golden State Warriors have been the premier franchise in the NBA over the last decade.

In that span, the Warriors won four NBA championships and made two additional appearances in the NBA finals.

But this year saw the Dubs start to show signs of cracks in their armor.

It began with offseason fight between team-leader Draymond Green and rising star guard Jordan Poole. It then continued with repeated injury issues to their aging roster.

Golden State went just 44-38 in the regular season and landed the sixth seed in the Western Conference Playoffs. After a hard-fought opening series win over the upstart Sacramento Kings, the Warriors met their match in the form of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers.

Now Golden State is left to sort out where to go with an aging roster that is pinned to the absolute top bounds of NBA’s salary cap.

And they may have to do it all without the man responsible for building their dynasty.

Bob Myers joined the Warriors Myers in April of 2011 as an assistant general manager and quickly became the team’s GM one year later. Myers eventually graduated into the role of president of basketball operations and is widely seen as one of the league’s top executive’s.

Now, however, he could be on his way out the door.

Shams Charania of the Athletic reports that Myers and Golden State are far apart in talks over a contract extension. His contract expires on June 30.

“Both sides exchanged offers and counter-offers several months ago, and there has since been no traction on a new deal, league sources say. The Warriors have not yet presented an offer that has blown Myers away, but there’s also a growing sense that even a competitive market offer — near the top of the executive food chain — may not keep Myers with the franchise…,” Charania states.

All dynasties eventually end. And the signs were always there that the Warriors could be nearing that point. But no one could’ve anticipated their seemingly rapid descent.

Only time will tell whether it continues in that direction.