Washington Commanders Reportedly Made The Most Desperate Move In The History Of Quarterback Searches


Getty Image / Zach Bolinger

  • The Washington Commanders are on the hunt for a new starting quarterback
  • They have reportedly made a very desperate move in their search
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It’s no secret that the Washington Commanders are in the market for a new quarterback. They know that Taylor Heinicke isn’t the answer and also know that they have the pieces to be a contender right now if they can get the right quarterback. Unfortunately, they have done everything they can to drive up the price of “the right quarterback”.

It may not have been a particularly well-kept secret before that the Commanders would be looking for a QB, but according to ESPN’s Jeff Keim, the Commanders have basically shouted it from the rooftops this season. According to Keim, the Commanders have called every team in the NFL to inquire about the availability of their quarterback.

This report lines up with what we’ve heard from the Commanders at the combine this week.

While the Commanders’ GM only said that they talked to every team they think might be available, the idea of them contacting everybody is admirable. You never know who might be ready to move on from their QB.

Still, they have pretty much ruined their negotiating position in any deal with this approach. The rest of the NFL now knows how badly they want a new quarterback. It will likely inflate the price of any QB they manage to land. Even the Colts might actually try to get something in return for Carson Wentz now.

There’s a reason we’ve never seen a team try this, but hey, at least the Commanders are doing whatever they can to put together a winning roster.