Washington Commanders Fans Are Furious At New $3 Billion Stadium Proposal Outside Of D.C.

Washington Commanders Fans Are Furious At New Stadium Proposal

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  • The Washington Commanders pitched a new $3 billion stadium proposal … in Virginia.
  • Commanders fans aren’t happy about the potential move.
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The Washington Commanders unveiled a massive $3 billion proposal for a new stadium and a mini-city. The stadium idea looks impressive, and the surrounding entertainment aspects certainly make for a fun time in the Commanders area.

However, there is just one problem for Commanders fans: The stadium is in Virginia.

Yes, the stadium proposal is for Woodbridge, Virginia, some 34 miles away from FedEx Field, where the Commanders currently host their games.

That thought didn’t set very well with the fans.

The Commanders’ $3 billion Virginia stadium plan isn’t sitting well with the fans.

Fans wasted no time expressing their frustrations with the plans for a Virginia stadium.


This wouldn’t be the first time a team plays in a city other than their name. Remember that the Angels are called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The San Francisco 49ers play in Santa Clara, an hour drive (on a good day) from San Francisco.

Now, the stadium idea is fantastic and unique. The plan includes a mile-long walkway of shops, restaurants, and other attractions that will hopefully draw in people all year long, as Front Office Sports mentions.

An amphitheater, convention center, and office spaces are other aspects included in this proposal, and as a whole, this seems like a massive win for the Commanders.

But, there’s just one problem: Moving to Virginia.

Would they change their name to the Virginia Commanders? Probably not, but who knows. Maybe they will be called the Washington Commanders of Virginia.

That would mean another rebrand, so probably not.

Nonetheless, the Commanders are going for it all and want to move out of London County.