NFL Fans Clown The Washington Commanders For Having Such A Tiny Scoreboard

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At this point, with all that’s happened over the past… well… pretty much since Daniel Snyder became the owner, NFL fans absolutely revel in finding entertaining new ways to make fun of the Washington Commanders.

The once proud football franchise has, by most accounts, taken over the top spot as the laughingstock of the NFL (much to the delight of Browns and Lions fans).

Back in 2019, longtime Washington Post sports columnist Thomas Boswell wrote, “Like a character in a cartoon, [Daniel Snyder] has been sawing a circle in the floor around himself — with the billionaire the last person to know he was the one who would drop through the hole.”

Things have gotten so bad with the Washington Commanders these days now football fans are even making fun of the team’s scoreboard at FedEx Field.

A new graph created by a Reddit user which shows NFL teams’ scoreboards ranked by size is blowing up this week. And it’s mostly just because the Washington Commanders come in last place… by a lot.

“It’s not the size of the scoreboard, it’s how you use it,” said the Washington Commanders’ front office, probably.

It does have a certain “House Tour From Hell” vibe to it, doesn’t it?

While many teams’ scoreboards were discussed in the Reddit thread as well as on Twitter, it was the Commanders’ comments that won the day.

“I think it’s intentional. I went to a Commies game back in 2017 and the scoreboard is so small that you start to forget what the score is,” one fan suggested.

“It’s just two dudes holding up refurbished iPads that have been taped together,” another fan joked.

“Commie’s scoreboard built for single digits,” mocked another Redditor.

“Let’s all s**t on the commanders some more,” another fan wrote.

Not everyone zeroed in on the Commanders though.

“We Falcons are definitely not compensating for something,” an Atlanta fan kidded.

“I remember when AT&T Stadium was brand new and their screen was the world’s largest. Unless that’s not what this is referring to? If it is, that’s crazy that it’s been one-upped so many times in so few years,” someone else expressed.

“But it still probably holds first in the ‘number of times it has been hit by punts’ category,” another fan replied back.

By the way, the OP said in the comments that his source was Daktronics and blue in the graph means it’s made by them. He also added, “Commanders being last is fitting given the ownership.”

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