Here’s The 2015 Week 13 NFL Thursday Night Pick

What do you need to know about the NFL right now? The NFC has one team above .500 who currently wouldn’t make the playoffs and that team has lost five out of six games. They also have a team currently leading a division who has more losses than win and chances are that stat won’t correct itself before the end of the season. The AFC is slightly better, but three of its current playoff teams are only one game above .500. With two teams carrying the same 6-5 records looking from the outside in, you can at least hope for a nice playoff race in the AFC. We also have five teams within one game of the #1 overall pick. I guess there is something to play for after all. Now let’s just try to have no key injuries this week and then we’ll all be happy. It’s not a real football weekend without a #gronksmash.

Thursday Night Pick:

Green Bay -3 over DETROIT

The Detroit Lions are in the playoff hunt. Ok, I’m mostly joking, but the Lions have won three games in a row and have people in Detroit feeling good about football again. They’ve turned things around and it started with their win at Lambeau Field on November 15th. The key to the turnaround is the defense. The Lions have allowed no more than 16 points in their last three games.

That’s not exactly what Green Bay is looking to go against right now. The Packers look like a shell of themselves. Maybe they’ve finally gotten Eddie Lacy going, but their receivers are having serious problems right now. Can you find a receiver less productive than Davante Adams? Of the receivers with 48 passes to them this year, only one has a lower Football Outsiders ranking than Adams. James Jones is showing his age and that doesn’t have anything to do with him wearing a sweatshirt under his jersey. Green Bay needs to do something differently with their passing offense or else they shouldn’t expect something to change.

So where does that leave us for this one? Other than taking the under (and you should take the under) it leaves us with a question of perception. Do you think Green Bay will finally make changes after what we’ve seen in previous weeks? Based on Aaron Rodgers comments on “preparation” (aka Davante Adams needs to learn how to catch and run) it would seem to be the case. I’m not ready to be a believer in Detroit just yet because they beat a really bad Eagles team and a mediocre Raiders bunch. Green Bay is a notch or two above those characters.

J.Camm’s Pick: Green Bay. No way they lose this game

Last Week: 7-9
Season: 87-83-6
Locks: 23-14
Survivor: 8-3

J.Camm: 85-85-6